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Funding is elementary for any project. You don’t see an idea going live if no investors come forth to fund it. At UberTechZone, we have forged an efficientplatformfor both investors and potential entrepreneursand helped them paint their dreams.

Key Features

UberTechZone introducing the following key features to help people find their right match real quick!

Discovery Settings

Instead of deleting the account, you could toggle your discovery setting.

Virtual Geo Location

Enable your GPS to find nearby matches.

Gender Interest

Specify the gender you are interested in.

Distance-Based Match

Set the distance within which you want to find the matches.

Age-Based match

Choose your priority age group matches.


See the profiles you accidentally left swiped

Make Your First $Billion

Conveniently transform frictionless mindshare after orthogonal manufactured products.

Investors App Features

UberTechZone has carefully developed app features thatbenefit bothinvestors and entrepreneurs.


A One-time registration before you log in.

Choose Category

Choose a business category you would want to invest in.

Browse Project

Scroll through different projects that are available on the site.

Choose the Project to Fund

Select the project that fits your bill.

Boost Profile

Get the maximum visibility by boosting your profile with our paid services

Comments and Ratings

See the feedback provided by other investors for more clarity and surety

Make Your First $Billion

Conveniently transform frictionless mindshare after orthogonal manufactured products.

Entrepreneurs App

We are presenting the opportunity for both users and drivers to keep track of their trip.


A One-time registration before you log in.

Submit Project

Fill in the details of the projects and submit them

Launch Project

Let others know by launching them on the platform

Choose Category

Select the right category of your project.

Get Funds

Havemultiple investorslining for you to fund your project

Project status update and comments

Keep your investors updated with the projectand also give them the privilegeto comment

Admin Features

With the Admin access,manage the project effortlesslyand efficiently

Detail Dashboard

A tool to manage the project and evaluate its growth

Payment Gateway

Use various online payment systems for transactions

Project Management

Plan, executeand control the project as per your requirement.

Project Classification

Group your projectsand assign the categories accordingly

Commission Management

Manage and track the commission for each project

Report, Spam Management

Run project seamlessly by keeping thefraudulenceat bay

Technology We Used

Brain Tree

UberTechZone - Demo

Turn your mobile visitors into your best customers. Efficiently syndicate flexible content via cost effective initiatives completely leverage vertical quality.

Admin panel - Demo

User Name : Password : 123456

User panel - Demo

User Name : Password : 123456

Provider panel - Demo

User Name Password : 123456

iOS App, Android App

Paid Plugin

The paid services at UberTechZone help our singletons to boost their profile 2x times
more. Besides, some features in the app also make it super easy to perform

Bitcoin Wallet Integration:

To safeguard your data and transactions, Bitcoin wallet has been integrated into the app

City/Country Based
Launch you
r application in different countries and cities with customized currencies and
Additional Payment Gateway
Find various means to pay
Ad Service Integration

Advertise your app on other platforms by integrating with them.

Wallet System
Allow your users to pay from their wallet and remove the hassle of using physical cards.
Custom Invoice Integration

Generate invoices for all the transactions you carry out with your customers

Membership Fees

Provide an opportunity for others tobecomea memberof your group bylevying membership fees

Listing Fees
Charge a fee for listing
the projects
Chat Integration
Provide immediate customer
support by giving them a platform to communicate.

Our Pricing Plans

Start working with that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect. Efficiently transform granular value with client-focused content. Energistically redefine market.

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Frequently Asked Queries

Yes! Our app is for all small, medium and large scale taxi companies. Our prime objective is to keep the software user-friendly and affordable. Hence, we have used software that is suitable for all kinds of taxi services. We assure that you need minimal guidance to operate them.

Yes! We provide 3 months of free support after the installation to ensure the seamless operation of the app. If you require any additional support, then you can avail our paid services.

No. You don’t need to have the technical knowledge to work with us. You being the leader of your project, your ideas will be an enormous contribution. By associating with us, see your business growing exceptionally.

App customization is our standout service. Approach our developers with your requirements and they work their way through to provide you the most robust application.

Yes! Once your Free Service Period expires, you can always opt for our paid services. Choose the best service as per your requirement.

In case of any queries, you can always drop a mail at We assure our team will get back to you in no time.

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